DG40S - Pairing - Bose QuietComfort 35/QC 35 (Series II)

1. Use with Bluesoleil software

Step 1. Turn QC35/QC35(Series II) on from off mode and enter pairing mode (push the bluetooth switch, voice 'ready to pair’)

Step 2. Double click the orange ball in BlueSoleil classic view and search for devices.

Step 3. QC35 found, but may be as the following screenshot:

Found as unknown device

Found as Bluetooth Low Energy

No matter what icon you got, right click it until you see the option "select services" in the list, just as the following:


Step 4. After serrch services, right click qc35 headphone icon, select "listen to music". Then paired!

2. Windows 10 plug & play

Please select the QC35 headphone icon to pair and connect, then you can listen to music.


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