How to pair and connect Priva II (BTTC-318) with Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35)?

Turn QC35 on from off mode and enter pairing mode(push the Bluetooth switch,voice ‘ready to pair’) [If it says ‘ ready to pair ANOTHER DEVICE’ then you need to clear its memory now by pushing the Bluetooth switch for 10 sec until hear ‘ Bluetooth device list cleared' ]


Put Priva II into paring mode (press and hold MFB until LED flashing blue and red fast)


Wait for them to pair. If not, Fast double click Priva II to clear its memory and then wait.

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    I followed this list but my bose qc35 still cannot connect. I have already cleared the memory on both devices. I have another pair that is able to pair, but my bose is working and able to connect to other devices es no problem.

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    Hi Ken, please turn off the other bluetooth devices when you try to pair QC35 with priva ii. Please contact if you still can't get them work.