BlueSoleil Frequently Asked Questions? - Avantree DG40S

1. How to use USB dongle or BlueSoleil driver?

2. Solutions for BlueSoleil uninstallation problems after upgading to win 10

3. How to buy and download BlueSoleil 9 /10 and activate the software

4. Why keep getting an error 183

5. How to choose and buy a high quality bluetooth dongle

6. The solution for opening BlueSoleil classic interface unsuccessfully after installing 

7. Solution for abnormal network icon

8. Solutions for murmur or mute icon result from BlueSoleil connect with Bluetooth headset

9. How to connect Bluetooth headset for music or voice call

10. The method for the errors of reinstallation when you uninstalled

11. Resolve your Built-in Bluetooth issue

12. How to make music play in headset or speaker

13. How to access to the Internet with Bluetooth Personal Area Network

14. How to use BlueSoleil Bluetooth basic Imaging service to transfer a picture

15. How to use Bluetooth information exchange service(OPP)

16. How to use bluetooth file transfer service(FTP)

17. The suggestion about connecting Bluetooth headset to BlueSoleil software without sound

18. How to use the apple Bluetooth keyboard with BlueSoleil software

19. BlueSoleil software does not support the apple mouse wheel

20.Access to in ternet via PAN

21. FAQ Summary of cPhone--Android/Mobile part

22. FAQ Summary of cPhone--Bluetooth part

23. Startup problems of cPhone

24. The detail description about the installing problem of BlueSoleil

25. How to query Bluetooth hardware PID/VID and identify Bluetooth by BlueSoleil

26.How to use BlueSoleil Bluetooth phonebook and Bluetooth messages

27. How to use PC to hear the phone music via BlueSoleil

28. How to make computer surf via dial-up internet with connecting mobile phone

29.How to connect Bluetooth keyboard with BlueSoleil software

30. The operation introduction of connecting Bluetooth mouse to BlueSoleil software


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The latest DG40 software / Driver / Program is 

IVT BlueSoleil 9.2.494.2 (please click here to download)

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