Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver Oasis (BTTC-500) Troubleshooting, why not working?

1, I am having trouble pairing and connecting to my Bluetooth device.

Please check the following:

  • Your Bluetooth device supports the Bluetooth pro­files A2DP, AVRCP.
  • Oasis and your device are next to each other or within 3 feet / 1 meter when they are pairing.
  • Make sure both Oasis and Bluetooth device are in pairing mode.
  • Please turn off other bluetooth devices.
  • Please pair Oasis and your devices first and then turn on your audio device as some build-in bluetooth or Wifi signal on audio devices may interfere with the pairing.

2,  After connecting and pairing with my Bluetooth device, I cannot hear any music from my sound system.

  • Make sure you select the correct audio input mode (AUX/ OPT) by short pressing the button.
  • Make sure to remove the protective head on optical cable.
  • In optical mode, make sure your TV audio is set to PCM/ LPCM format as Oasis does not support Dolby/ DTS format.
  • In optical mode, Oasis supports device with sampling rate not larger than 48kHz.

3, Turn off both Oasis and headphones, when turn on again for next time use, I am having trouble reconnecting to my Bluetooth headphones.

  • Please don’t turn on the Oasis and your device at the same time. You can turn on one device, then after 20-30s , turn on another device.

4, Turn off both Oasis and headphones, when turn on again for next time use, they can reconnect, but I cannot hear any music from my headphones.

You can try any one of below three solutions.

  • Please turn off your headphones and turn on again.
  • Please press  button to switch AUX – OPT- AUX or OPT-AUX- OPT.
  • Please set oasis and headphones into pairing mode again or clear pairing history on headphones and pair again.

5, Why i still feel audio delay what watch TV with Oasis and my bluetooth headphone? 

To take advantage of the better performance of aptX Low Latency codec, the other side device must support the same codec. If the other side device or transmitter only supports the normal aptX codec, or the SBC one, these codecs will be used instead.

Bluetooth Audio Delay Experiment - aptX Low Latency vs others




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